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Gold and its miners’ stocks are rocketing higher as speculators and investors alike return to this left-for-dead sector.  This sudden deluge of capital inflo...

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  • Gold, Miners Rocket Higher!
    By on February 6, 2016 |   Comments
    Gold and its miners’ stocks are rocketing higher as speculators and investors alike return to this left-for-dead sector.  This sudden deluge of capital inflows has crowned gold stocks the best-performing sector of this young new year by far, shocking traders.  And this stunning reversal of fortu...
  • Putting Recent Market Volatility In Context
    The increase in market volatility has been a major focus of the popular financial press during the opening weeks of 2016. Let’s examine the historical context for market volatility over the past nine-plus years, specifically since January 2007. Our preferred measure of volatility is the daily ...
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    Technically Speaking: February Stats & Taking Ac...
    In this past weekend’s newsletter, I discussed the two factors that saved the markets from breaking critical support and likely pushing the markets into a critical correction. To wit: “The first is month-end window dressing by fund managers after a brutal start to the new year. After much liquid...
  • Epic Battle: Hedge Funds vs China
    George Soros’ successful bet against the British pound back in 1992 remains one of financial history’s epic tales. The short version of the story begins with Britain linking its currency, the pound, to the German deutschmark via the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). But Britain’s inflati...
  • US Mint Bullion-Coin Sales 4
    Recent years have seen countless claims that gold and silver prices have to head far lower, implying demand is low or supply is high.  But the actual data continues to prove this false, showing precious-metals bearishness is rooted in sentiment and not fundamentals.  One fascinating microcosm of g...
  • Absurd Gold-Stock Levels 3
    Gold stocks remain the pariah of the investment world.  Despite gold’s strong early-year gains, the stocks of its miners have slumped to new secular lows.  This whole forsaken sector continues to languish at fundamentally-absurd price levels, an extreme anomaly that is long overdue to start unwi...
  • Major Stock Bear Awakening
    The US stock markets have suffered their worst early-year losses in history in young 2016, an ominous proof that a major trend change is underway.  The Fed’s new tightening cycle is already slaying recent years’ extraordinary easy-Fed-fueled stock-market levitation.  Unfortunately the only pos...
  • Regression to Trend: A New Look at Long-Term Market P...
    At the end of November the inflation-adjusted S&P 500 index price was 87% above its long-term trend, a decline from 89% the previous month. About the only certainty in the stock market is that, over the long haul, over performance turns into under performance and vice versa. Is there a pattern ...
  • Fed’s Market Distortions Unwind

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    The world’s financial markets changed dramatically entering this young new year, led by sharp stock selloffs and a mounting gold rally.  These are major reversals from recent years’ action.  The immediate catalysts were China’s plummeting stocks and ongoing yuan devaluation.  But the far la...
  • So Goes January, So Goes The Year
      There is an abundance of “Wall Street Axioms” surrounding the first month of the New Year as investors anxiously try and predict what is in store for the next twelve months. You are likely familiar with many of them from the“Superbowl Indicator” to “What Happens In The First 5-days ...
  • Fueling Gold’s 2016 Upleg
    Gold certainly had a rough year in 2015, grinding inexorably lower on Fed-rate-hike fears and investor abandonment.  But gold is poised to rebound dramatically in this new year, mean reverting out of its recent deep secular lows.  The drivers of gold’s weakness have soared to such extremes that ...
  • Technically Speaking: 2016 Outlook
    In the last “Technical Update” I discussed the end of the mutual fund redemption period and the acceleration of the downtrend that began in early December. (Chart updated through yesterday’s close.) “After a second attempt at the downtrend resistance, the market has built an accelerated dow...

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  • Stocks in Rate-Hike Cycles
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    The stock-market outlook in 2016 is riddled with great uncertainty following the Fed ending its 7-year-old zero-interest-rate policy.  With the first rate-hike cycle in nearly a decade just getting underway, traders are anxiously wondering how it will impact the stock markets.  While raising rates...
  • Post-ZIRP Stock/Gold Era
    The Federal Reserve finally mustered the courage to end its radical zero-interest-rate-policy experiment this week.  Its quarter-point rate hike announced on the seventh anniversary of ZIRP kicks off the long road to normalization.  This leaves the stock markets and gold in unprecedented uncharted...
  • Technically Speaking: 5 Signs Of A Naughty Market!
    It is hard to believe that Christmas is just TWO Friday’s away as the year seems to have slipped by in blur. This brings two primary issues into focus. The first is that I have not done any shopping as of yet. The second is that despite the hopes of a stronger economy and earnings environment at t...
  • Gold Thrives in Rate-Hike Cycles!
    Gold’s deep new secular lows of recent weeks were fueled by American futures speculators’ overpowering fear of Fed rate hikes.  They believe zero-yielding gold is doomed in a higher-rate world, so they dumped gold futures at astounding record rates.  The problem is history proves just the oppo...

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